Zimbabwe Programmes

1. Name of the Project – Takuwani women of Excellence
2. Project directors – Pastor Busani Moyo – contact +263 773026292
3. Project address – 712 Baobab Road Beitbridge Zimbabwe
4. Nature of Project – women Empowerment

Is an upcoming local project focusing on addressing women issues in our local communities in Beitbridge District in Zimbabwe. This follows our passion over a series of challenges faced by women in the district namely –
• School dropout because of pregnancy and poverty
• Lack of income generating projects
• Lack of self esteem and educational value
• Challenges of personal identity
Mission : To capacitate women in addressing all life challenges
Objectives – to empower all women age groups with knowledge for a sustainable life.
Challenge Target group Mitigation Type of engagement
1 Early marriages 10 – 18 years Behavior change Workshop training
2 School dropout 7 – 18 years Awareness and counseling One on one
3 Lack of income generating projects 18 + Training and capacity building Workshops and dialogue
4 Lack of self esteem and educational value All groups Behavior change and knowledge sharing Workshop training for different groups
5 Personal identity All groups Advocacy Engaging local authority

Following people will be needed
1. 6 local persons i.e 2 Beitbridge east , 2 Beitbridge central , 2 Beitbridge west.
2. One project secretary for administration and finance
3. One project manager
4. One receptionist
Project Budget Cost monthly Yearly cost Overall project
Office Rentals $300 $3600 $7200
Office bills (water &electricity $50 $600 $1200
Car hiring $500 $6000 $12000
Salaries and allowances $1500 $18000 $36000
Workshop and training $875 $10500 $21000
Total $3175 $38100 $76200

Project outline
• Project intend to reach and benefit 200 women in each ward and 4200 from the district , within the period of 2 years
• Reporting will be done and submitted every monthly and it will be including photos , videos , as recipients will share life changing stories , documentaries , using local languages
• In every ward they will be a focal person who will formulate Takuwani (arise) women of excellence committee in the communities after the engagement or workshop has been done
• Enrolment of the program will start from wards to villages
Background for the district – Beitbridge
District is located Southern part of Zimbabwe and where there is South Africa and Zimbabwe Boarder Post , Beitbridge. They are under privileged women , contributing fact is that , since they is no network and media coverage , most programs for women in the nation by pass them.
2014 among all the villages in the country Tongwe village which is in Beitbridge recorded number one in rape cases.
2015 Majini village which is in the Beitbridge recorded number one school dropout due to pregnancy , Primary level girls , 10 girls
2015 Shabwe which is in Beitbridge recorded worst dropout, where 26 girls were pregnant from secondary school

The district has above 300 000 population
The district activities are most cross border trading, border jumping and travelers

Tribes found in the area are :
– Venda
– Sotho
– Pfumbi
– Shangani
– Ndebele
– Shona
District has 15 wards rural structure and 6 wards urban which Beitbridge central
Causes of problem faces women
Culture beliefs – some culture believe girls should be married from the age 12
Educational infrastructure – since they is no University college they is no role model for the little girls to lure them to achieve better life
Media coverage – lack of awareness campaigns since the large part of the district is without network and media coverage some campaigns which may take place in the nation can not reach Beitbridge women
Poverty – most people live from hand to mouth , hence for women are the most affected and men take advantage of them to indulge in sex for exchange of money