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THOMI AFRICA and its members work tirelessly to decrease poverty, increase prosperity, and improve the lives of women and girls. Over the past 10 years, our members have attracted more than $15million dollars for our communities to increase access to jobs and job readiness, develop safe and affordable housing, start new businesses and provide access to healthy food.

THOMI AFRICA members are an integral part of a coalition of more than 100 individuals and organizations dedicated to providing innovative and sustainable solutions for low-wealth communities in Africa

Nonprofit Membership Benefits

By becoming a THOMI AFRICA Member, your organization can increase capacity, gain access to exclusive funding opportunities, and advocate more effectively for your community.

Membership entitles you to the following:

  •    Receive  complimentary personalized gifts
    • Program evaluation and assessment
    • Board development and training
    • Strategic planning facilitation
    • Grant writing assistance
  • Take advantage of complimentary and member pricing for workshops throughout the year
  • Help shape the Community Development Institute curriculum
  • Receive discounted admission to the annual conferences
  • Qualify for scholarships to attend to attend events
  • Gain access to member-only granting opportunities
  • Influence statewide public policy that affects our neighbors and communities
  • Participate in exclusive member only events

Fill out the form and submit your membership payment below using Paypal. Our dedicated staff member will call you shortly after.

Memberships are valid for one full year from the date payment is received. Membership fees are non-refundable.

Annual Organization Membership fees are on a sliding scale, based on the operating budget (annual revenue) of your organization.

*Nonprofit Membership Levels are based on the contributions made.  See all levels below.

Silver Membership- Level 1 : Annual Fee $1 to $ 100

Gold Membership- Level 2 : Annual Fee $101- $250

Platinum Membership- Level 3 : Annual Fee $251 – and above


Membership Criteria

THOMI AFRICA Nonprofit Network offers two membership options:

Individual Member or Organization Member.

Individual Members

Individual Members support THOMI AFRICA’s work and vision and are interested in professional development, networking and consulting opportunities.

Organization Members

Organization Members are registered private companies, charities and nonprofit organizations with a genuine interest in furthering our objectives, that want to increase their visibility and credibility.

Nonprofit organizations include any nonprofit corporation, association or network (incorporated or unincorporated) which have the following characteristics:

1. They have their own decision making process
2. They exist to serve a public benefit
3. Profit is not distributed to members
4. They depend on volunteers in some way, even if only on a Board of Directors
5. They are independent from public and private sectors, although some may be dependent upon those sectors for funding and service partnerships.

Private companies include any registered company passionate about making a difference in the world. Private companies can become members by not only contributing money but also any of the following items;

  1. Computers, Laptops, Printers, USBs
  2. Hygiene products,Sanitary Towels,
  3. Consumables, food for feeding the poor
  4. Interactive Touch Screen monitors for educational purposes
  5. Educational toys for children
  6. New and gently used clothing, blankets