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Women and girls With Disabilities

We are a Women ‘s human rights organization working at the intersection of gender and disability worldwide. We amplify the voices of women and girls with disabilities and advocate on critical issues affecting their lives, including the right to freedom from violence, to autonomy over their bodies, to inclusion in education and employment, to participation and representation in society, and to justice

Join the movement and help ensure that people with disabilities have equal opportunities…

Your donation can secure access to school for children with disabilities, challenge violence against women with disabilities, and enable people with disabilities to vote. Donate now.

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Questions To Ponder On

What in your opinion are the top three issues for women and girls with disabilities?


1) Is it- Access to education,
2) Is it – Protection from violence, abuse, and exploitation,
3) Is It – Access to participation.
4) Is It – Empowerment and support
5) Is It -Lack of information on sexual and reproductive issues

Do you think the voices of women and girls with disabilities are adequately represented in the disability rights movement and the women’s right movement?


The women’s movement has not been really responsive on women with disabilities issues and in just a few cases there is representation or even mention of women with disabilities in gender discussions.

As a result of continuous efforts and strong leadership by women with disabilities in key roles such as in IDA right now, visibility is increasing but there is still a long way to go.

Equally, in the disability movement, in very few places the voice of women with disabilities from a gender perspective is evident.

 Adults with a disability were children once so it is fundamental that we offer our best advocacy skills to promote the rights of children and adults with disabilities.
Adolescent girls, for instance, are invisible in every area, in every context of society. Adolescents are in such a critical moment of their lives with very little support or voice. We need to reach out to and empower them to be the future leaders and engaged citizens that an inclusive society requires.

What is your wish list for women and girls with disabilities and the post 2019 agenda?

 We need visibility to disabilitiesDisaggregated data on disability is a must and to make sure that countries can monitor progress, we need good and measurable indicators. This is a huge challenge for the months and years to come.
By 2030 we need to have data and evidence about the advancements and contributions of girls and boys, women and men with disabilities in all areas of knowledge. That children with and without disabilities are learning, playing and growing together, safe from discrimination, abuse and violence, realizing their rights in a peaceful, inclusive and sustainable environment.


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