Zambia Projects

Access to Education- women and girls

Join our Zambia project to assist those who don’t have access to education and are wanting to make better futures for themselves and their families.


Beneficiaries hope to learn to read and communicate in English, to gain business skills to increase their family’s income or to support their children with their studies.

Discussion groups are organized for girls and women to focus on things such as their life paths, emotional and social issues, sexual and reproductive health, personal safety and women’s rights. Sports activities are also encouraged to engage the girls.

Other areas where volunteer support is required, include: improving adult literacy, completing manual work to refurbish community areas, working to provide education access for all and helping alleviate the challenges faced by Zambian teachers.

The local community is very excited about this program and, even though it was only launched in early 2016, it is already proving to be a success. Women are developing sewing skills and girls are participating in an after-school rugby club.

Additionally, English levels have been improved. The hope is that once sessions for women and girls are more established, activities for boys and men can be added as well.