Our Core Principles


THOMI AFRICA employs and nurtures highly qualified personnel to develop practical skills and competencies of partners, so that they can improve performance, develop local solutions, enhance impact and achieve  evelopment goals. Approaches are researched, tested, documented and packaged, and this is coupled with training of staff for effective scale-up.


THOMI AFRICA creates trust-based relationships with partners where capacity development is facilitated for mutually agreed results. Capacity development needs are determined jointly with partners/clients who actively engage in and own the process. Orange intentionally links partners for networking, mentoring, information sharing and joint action.


Capacity development responses are tailored to the specific values, challenges and opportunities of organizations within the context that they work. Interventions are designed based on the results of  participatory assessments and on-going monitoring of progress.


Capacity development includes a deliberate process of reflecting on the interventions and results to better respond to organizational challenges and adapt to change. Continuous learning is baked into  programming as both a process and result of capacity development.


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