Malawi Projects

Women Who Strive

We strive for the improvement of the social-economic challenges encountered by women in general and other vulnerable people from their surrounding communities.

We have established a variety of projects to support women and children to improve their living conditions, educational needs, income-generating projects and general day care for orphans and vulnerable children.

Financial restraints and the lack of manpower leaves them in a situation where they must make the most of what they can achieve.

We are looking for volunteers to support this organisation in creating new programs, uplifting existing programs and learning from each other.



There is a childhood development and day-care centre in the community, developed so that women from the surrounding area are able to go to work or work the field and be assured that their children are looked after. The basic school offers 5 classrooms with 30-40 children each.


To educate women about their human rights, Mbawemi runs an outreach program aimed specifically at women, to create awareness and possibilities for them to develop leadership skills. The aim is to encourage female empowerment in communities where women are often marginalised and unsupported due to various factors.


To offer women resources for increased independence in a male-dominated society, Mbawemi has developed several income-generating projects such as their beekeeping project in Mzenga. Honey is sold to create income for the women, and they are also able to create products out of by the wax such as candles and soap. Mbawemi and assistant volunteers educate and support these women with a number of projects, to become more independent and self-sustainable by providing them with a way to generate a small income.


Mbawemi also offers programs focused on:

  • Environmental protection
  • HIV/AIDS prevention and care project
  • Public health
  • Talent and skills development


Volunteers can be involved in a variety of tasks and activities within the diverse framework of Mbawemi’s programs, such as:

  • Assisting with teaching at the child care centre.
  • Monitoring and offering technical support to women with small businesses.
  • Teaching extracurricular lessons to primary and secondary school students.
  • Offering activities focussed on sports, arts, music.
  • Creating holiday programs during school holidays.
  • Education in aspects of basic sanitation and hygiene.
  • Assisting in skills development such as cooking, housekeeping, plumbing, tailoring, knitting and other skills.
  • Possible training in the fields of project management, caretakers training, leadership skills for women and/or computer skills.