Join us to make a significant change for women’s economic empowerment and gender equality!

#OneGirlAtATime-    One Girl At a Time

A campaign to take back girl to schools, to provide education opportunities for girls in Africa, our efforts are concentrated much in a community where girls’ education is not considered important because of traditional beliefs and culture, our campaign will take the lead in changing attitudes to get parents to allow girls go to school.

Organisations interested in joining our #OneGirlAtATime campaign can donate here (put a link for donation). The donation will help us pay for tuition, school materials, and registration fees and uniforms the girls and your kind donation also helps make educational materials more accessible to our dedicated teachers.

We also welcome the following donations;

  • Back packs
  • Lanterns
  • Notebooks
  • Pens, Papers, Binders
  • Pencils, Instruments sets
  • Computer, Laptops, Ipads for e-learning

(Put featured picture of girls at school) The education of these children would not have been possible without your kind contribution.

All  your contribution is tax deductible.

#STEM4GirlsInAfrica, STEM for Girls in Africa

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics,

Science, technology, engineering, and maths are more important than ever, Each year, we invite ~ 50 girls between the ages of 10 – 12 to join us for a day of STEM for Girls on the local universities.  The goals for the day are to spark a passion for STEM in young girls and to provide them an opportunity to interact with women in STEM.  The event is organized collaboratively between the department of education and the department of science and technology as well as the women research and resources Center.

We thank all the volunteers – undergraduate students, graduate students, staff and faculty for helping us inspire the girls every year and for their continued support of the snap circuit workshop

#ASTEMMentor– A STEM Mentor

A campaign to encourage experts in the field of science, technology, engineering and maths to register at out portal( put a hyperlink for registration) is they are interested in mentoring young girls pursuing STEM

#ASTEMMentee– A STEM Mentee

A campaign for girls interested in STEM education to register on our portal(put a hyperlink for registration) so that they can be matched to  #ASTEMMentor

#MarryAgirlAt23-  Marry a Girl at 23


A campaign to encourage girls to marry at a later stagewhile raising public awareness about the dangers of child marriages, including through holding dialogue with communities and traditional leaders about the harms of child marriage. Assisting girls to seek legal remedies for forced marriage and obtaining maintenance. Supporting the development of a comprehensive family law, and once it is passed, advocate for its implementation


Providing girls with an education helps break the cycle of povertyeducated women are less likely to marry early and against their will; some of the cultural barriers may be more ingrained and hard to shed, but as girls become educated they become remarkable advocates for one another. Children of educated women are more likely to attend school for longer.Globally, 62 million girls do not have access to either primary or secondary school. To close this deficit, $39 billion will need to be mustered annually.


Sanitary Pads/ Towels Campaign

A study shows that 88% of girls in South African schools have no access to sanitary pads. One in three girls misses approximately 4 days of school a month, due to no access to sanitary pads. On average, a female spends up to R40 000 on sanitary pads in their lifetime.

It is in this light that we started this awesome campaign to distribute sanitary pads to disadvantaged school girls in particular those in rural areas. With the price of sanitary pads beyond the reach of many rural girls, we started a fundraising initiative to source sanitary wear for rural girls. After conducting a lengthy interview with rural girls we found that some girls end up using things like the clothes, socks stuffed with sand andold rags that can result in thrush, urinary tract infections, cancer, among other diseases.

In addition to sourcing and distributing sanitary pads to the underprivileged girls in the remote areas and orphanages, the campaign also seeks to train girls on usage of sanitary towels, mentor girls in school about life and career growth, and appoint mentors for the programme and fit them into mentorship sessions.

We also conduct the series of Menstrual Awareness Workshops, during the workshops girls share their personal stories, followed by explanation of the concept of menstruation and menstrual cycle.


Gender Based Violence- #GBV Alert

The campaign’s aim is to end gender based violence. In South Africa and the world over, we have seen many women that have been killed by their husbands, by their partners.

Violence against women and girls continues unabated in every continent, country and culture. It takes a devastating toll on women’s lives, on their families and on society as a whole. Most societies prohibit such violence – yet the reality is that too often, it is covered up or tacitly condoned.

Our campaign against Gender Based Violence includes, but is not limited to:

  • Rape, marital rape and incest
  • Murder and assault including dowry-related violence and honour killings
  • Forced marriage
  • Female genital mutilation
  • Human trafficking including cross-border prostitution rings and bride kidnappings