Teenage pregnancy awareness and prevention campaign

January 11, 2019 @ 9:00 am – 2:01 pm
Tembisa Township
Cindy Deet
Teenage pregnancy awareness and prevention campaign @ Tembisa Township


Pregnancy related school dropouts have become a matter of public concern in the world today. Several studies have shown that age at first intercourse is reducing, suggesting that today’s young adults are becoming sexually active at an increasingly younger ages

In Africa, especially the sub-Saharan Africa countries, there are concerns about high rates of pregnancy-related school dropouts, also leading to the reported gender disparities in education in the developing world. School girls who become pregnant have fewer opportunities to complete their education after childbirth and have fewer opportunities for socioeconomic advancement.


The project is expected to achieve the following results:

Short Term Objectives

  1. To raise public awareness about teenage pregnancy
  2. To make teenage girls value their bodies and see sexuality as a natural part of life.
  3. To make teenage girls understand, tolerate and respect their different sexual needs, orientations and values.
  4. To ensure girls become decision makers to the issues related to their development.
  5. To expose the negative impact of teenage pregnancy and get measures how to prevent it.

Long Term Objective

  1. To open training Centre that will serve as a platform for exchange and discussions on issues that affect the community.
  2. Tohelp decrease rates of teen pregnancy, school dropout, unemployment, and poverty.
  3. We also hope that this training will help to keep girls away from alcohol and drug abuse and thus prevent other vices.
  4. To investigate the levels of re-admission of girls who discontinue school due to pregnancy


200 teenage girls (leaners and school leavers)

The Teenage pregnancy awareness campaign project targets a minimum of two hundred 200 teenager girls, learners and non-learners, andthat victim of early pregnancies teenage living in Tembisa Township of Johannesburg. This project anticipates indirectly benefiting over 500 teenage girls. We remain optimistic that we shall be able to make this project sustainable to ensure that the majority of teenager’s girls are full equipped with knowledge, which will help them to stay away of being victim of earlier pregnancy, on other side the project will be design to help those victim of early pregnancies on how they can regain their previous way of living

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