About Us

THOMI AFRICA empowers women and girls, who are helpless, homeless, with the skills and confidence necessary to secure a job, create a healthy lifestyle, and regain a home for themselves and their children

We work towards giving women the opportunity to generate income. The goal of our program is to THOMI AFRICAin Africa to make, independent life choices through community-based training in peer-oriented cooperative savings groups and non-traditional micro-enterprise development.

We aim to facilitate sustainable income-generating activities and entrepreneurial thinking that equips women to make positive choices for themselves and their families in the area of health, education and economic welfare.

Our approach doesn’t treat women as victims requiring a service. Instead our model ensures that not only are women able to solve their immediate problems but they are empowered to tackle such problems in the future. This is a cross-cutting theme in all of our grassroots work.

In South Africa violence against women remains highly prevalent – accurate figures are impossible to establish – and due to the absence of adequate protection from the law, impunity is widespread.

Throughout the community land protection program, THOMI AFRICA and its partners work to both teach communities about women’s substantive land rights and to ensure women’s involvement in entire land protection process. We do this by ensuring that each community elect one male and one female paralegal and that women are included on the land coordinating committees. We repeatedly urge communities to include the voices and interests of women, youth and strangers in all activities throughout the project and schedule community land documentation meetings in places and at times that women can more easily attend.

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